CEO Room


We continuously develop the most creative products through creative technological innovation. We contribute to customer profit creation, and are responsible for human, automobile and customer touch. We will become a truly global company.

Since its establishment in 2007, ONEGENE USA has been a pioneer in the fields of automotive radiators, oil coolers, heat exchangers such as chillers and heaters, automotive sensors, electronic controls and BLDC motors. Every employee of ONEGENE USA join together to achieve a "happy and global company" in the corporate culture that loves and trusts each other like family with one accord. All employees working in Korea, India and China, as well as our headquarters,

local corporations in Korea are committed to realizing correct behaviors and global standards and implementing new technologies in order to realize the four core values ​​of customer focus, human respect, technology innovation and quality management. As a company that is full of creative and challenging talents, we will develop into a company that can sustain growth with our customers.

Thank you.